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Domestic Help or Work Abroad? Deciding where to Outsource Your Business Services

By: Bryan Overcash on July 25th, 2012

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Domestic Help or Work Abroad? Deciding where to Outsource Your Business Services

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Businesses wanting to outsource interaction center and BPO processes face a complex set of decisions as they design an approach to customer care and communication. Once a business has decided to outsource portions of their business, they must choose whether to use a domestic, near-shore or off-shore BPO provider. Each of these options has there own pros and cons and ultimately each business will require a unique solution suited to its industry, character, and clientele. Even political pressure and social opinions can influence the decision. While this choice may seem daunting, you can determine the optimal model for your business by working with outsource providers like GCS, who can provide guidance, options and expertise in finding the best solution for your situation.

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Off-shore BPO and Interaction Centers, such as our operations in the Philippines, offer significant strategic and financial advantages. By off-shoring, your company could achieve unprecedented efficiency and attention to customer concerns. International contact centers abroad are typically available at a much lower cost, largely due to the strength of the U.S. dollar and differences in the labor laws. With GCS, in addition to financial viability, you can be assured that your client center abroad will be staffed with dedicated, well-informed, and educated individuals who will make customer satisfaction their top priority. By investing in the communities we work with, providing comprehensive benefits, opportunities for career development, and a positive work environment, our team of representatives will naturally reflect the positive values of your company. With all of these benefits available at such a reduced cost, off-shoring might very well be an investment that your company cannot afford to pass up.

However, the optimal location of your company's contact center will depend not only on overhead cost. Even if the service at a foreign contact center is of the highest quality and the price is unbeatable, some sectors or businesses will benefit in the long run by investing in a domestic communications site. Many individuals and companies have had frustrating experiences in the past with foreign contact centers, primarily due to language barriers or cultural misunderstandings, and would prefer to communicate with a native English speaker at a domestic center. This preference differs from one industry to the next; while the high-tech sector has very successfully utilized international call centers to manage their customer relations, other industries and business that rely more heavily on cultural factors unique to their home countries might benefit more from expensive domestic call centers.

Many businesses have found the most success utilizing a combination of off-shoring and domestic call centers. This combination of diversified resources enables a company to refer their customers to an international call center after domestic business hours, a service that many clients will be grateful for when they need it most. A call center abroad also allows companies to handle higher volumes of communications during peak hours at a lower cost than a team of exclusively domestic agents could offer.

GCS and our team of experienced representatives can accommodate each of these possible business plans. For many years, we have worked with businesses to determine the optimal approach to maximize customer satisfaction at a refreshingly manageable cost. Your continued success is our primary concern, and for this reason, we consistently and faithfully place the concerns of your client as our foremost priority.

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