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Have You Ever Done Work in Our Industry? [Expressed Interest]

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Posted by: Greg Alcorn on April 25, 2012

4-20-2012-3-01-38-PMDid you have a Johnny Stratton in your high school? Johnny went to my high school. He could do everything. He played four sports and was a star in all of them. He played the trumpet in the band, was class president and dated the prettiest girl. To top it all off, he was, and still is, a really nice guy.

Johnny applied a disciplined approach to everything he did. He had great concentration skills, quickly learned the fundamentals and would make the most of every minute of practice.

I see some of Johnny Stratton in our GCS associates.

When it comes to starting new programs in new industries our clients always ask, “have you ever done work in our industry before?” Our answer is always the same – “We can learn your product. Our skills are in customer sales, service and support.” It’s the Johnny Stratton way.

When we start new programs the fundamentals are always the same. The technology has to be secure, the process has to be solid and our people have to be educated and confident. Every program has the same Key Performance Indicators for productivity and quality. No matter the product or industry, the measurements are the same. You just have to have the product knowledge.

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And product knowledge is the easiest thing to learn.

Johnny Stratton was, and still is, a great athlete first and a great football, basketball, baseball and track star second. At GCS, we’re a great outsource solution for contact center work. Secondly, we’re great with insurance, financial, home warranty and legal programs.

I would say GCS is to the contact center industry what Johnny Stratton was to our high school. All the way down to being nice.

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