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Toys for Tots in Salisbury

Category: GCS Culture, In Our Centers
Posted by: Laura Jollay on December 16, 2011

Tony Burkett, call guide developer for GCS, has a place in his heart for children in need. Because of that, some really lucky kids and their families will be blessed. Tony was asked to head up the Toys for Toys campaign for his church and local community.

Tony came to the Salisbury employees asking for donations at the perfect time. The team in Salisbury recently received $160 to use towards any Christmas project of their choosing. The Salisbury team used the funds to donate 16 $10 Food Lion gift cards to the needy families as part of the Toys for Tots campaign. Tony also asked the Salisbury employees to help a local family who struggling this year. Through Tony’s help, the team in Salisbury has ensured the family of four will receive basic items to keep warm during the winter and also, toys and clothing for the children.

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During this time of year, we often forget how some folks in our local communities need basic necessities and not just Christmas presents. Tony’s project is helping to secure both. The project is not only rewarding for the families benefitting from the donations but also, to Tony.

“Oh, it is rewarding in so many ways. The thought of bringing Christmas spirit to families in need is such an overwhelming feeling that I cannot even put it into words. I have been blessed in my life and I believe that you should ALWAYS share blessings. And not only are they being blessed, I am being blessed as well that I was asked to be part of such a wonderful mission.”

Thank you, Salisbury, for bringing Christmas to a family in need and being so generous this holiday season.

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