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Every Day is Thanksgiving!

By: Greg Alcorn on November 24th, 2011

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Every Day is Thanksgiving!

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315530_289921894381934_130420893665369_904760_470777240_nEvery day is Thanksgiving. We have one day to recognize all the aspects of Thanksgiving, but every day of the year has the same wants and needs.

Giving food to a homeless person on Thanksgiving is a nice thing to do for that day. That person might be hungry the other days of the year, too. Having a nice dinner with your family and catching up on activities and aspirations is a nice thing to do on Thanksgiving, but it’s nice to have family time every other day of the year, too.

Inviting a lonely friend or someone separated from their family to your family Thanksgiving is wonderful and fulfilling
for both the visitor and you, but it’s good to do that in April or August, too.

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In reflection, we can all do a little more when it comes to helping those in need. Even with GCS having a year of domestic restructuring and change, we still are better off than at least 95% of the people in the world. Even with typhoons and other challenges affecting our Eastwood City team, we still are fortunate to be growing and diversifying our business.

I’m especially proud of being part of GCS when we are helping people in need. We have countless stories and examples throughout the years of helping people we know and those we don’t know. We have times when we’ve helped people we will never know. Most importantly, I’m proud of the mindset our associates have. The attitude of “no matter what’s happening in my life, I can help others.”

The past and present show GCS associates giving thanks by giving back. It’s hard to feel sorry for yourself when you’re helping someone else.

The future looks bright for GCS. We have much to be thankful for every single day of the year. Happy Thanksgiving! Every day.

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