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Even Google Understands the Value of Dialog with Your Customers

By: George Simons on September 12th, 2011

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Even Google Understands the Value of Dialog with Your Customers

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black-agent-maleI recently read an article about Google and their roll out of contact center support of their AdWords service. The article is a reminder of how important solid customer service is and how, when done right, the experience can transform a perceived cost center into a real revenue opportunity.

Previously Google used email and an online help center to handle support tickets for AdWords. This process was criticized for lacking urgency and personalization. However, this year Google decided to invest in a contact center project to help improve support and create a more personal connection - thus improving customer loyalty.

By opening up a dialog channel with their customers, they are able to create opportunities not possible just through email or a database of answers. The calls provided Google with real conversations that gave them immediate insight into the needs of their customers and a personal pathway for offering solutions. This communication helps improve future support and creates new marketing opportunities.

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In an effort to reduce costs, many companies continue to push customers away from contacting them through a live, telephone interaction. But this is looking only at one side of the equation. This lack of personalization also reduces opportunities to create loyalty and build relationships with their customer that can fuel additional sales. In this current slow-moving economy, this story should remind businesses that a properly trained contact center agent can actually deliver ROI through many CRM opportunities. Contact Center Services (like those of GCS) not only provide lower cost contact center solutions, they also provide the skill and training to delight the customer and increase revenue from those same customer calls. As Google has found out, true customer satisfaction comes from multiple channels of engagement that meet the desires of the customer. And sometimes, they just want to talk to you.

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