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Sell Me More, Sell Me More

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Posted by: George Simons on January 19, 2011
Summer Nights (John Travolta and Olivia Newton...Image via Wikipedia

In the musical Grease, there is a catchy little piece entitled "Summer Nights" with the chorus sung by the Pink Ladies and the T-Birds. The girls and boys are prodding Sandy and Danny for details of their first date. The chorus to the song implores them to "

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Tell me more, tell me more.

We all love a good story and can't wait to be a part of one in some way. We enjoy being caught up in the excitement and newness. It's not unlike what we do when we buy something new. We run to our respective peer group and tell them how great it was. Maybe it's that new car, an out-of-this-world dinner or that "ah" inspiring iPad.

So how do we get our customers to sing our praises with a chorus of "Sell me more, Sell me more" and not come off as a greasy used car salesman?

As the saying goes, we hate to be sold, but we love to buy. In reality, many of those great buying experiences began as a great customer service experience that prepared us to be sold. A good salesperson makes the whole transaction a positive experience.

There is a seminar Thursday afternoon, January, 20th for CCNG Magnet Program members designed to answer some of the questions about how to sell more to your customers by using the many daily touch points that occur while you are caring for your customers. It's titled, Effective Selling in a Customer Service Environment. If you are a Magnet Program member, I encourage you to hear some of the insight from the panel. Our CEO, Greg Alcorn, will share some of his ideas as part of the discussion.


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Posted Under: Client Relationships, Increase Profits, Performance, Sales, Webinar