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Fewer Americans opening wallets, now might be a good time to call.

Category: Fund Raising, General
Posted by: George Simons on November 8, 2010

Americans have always had a big heart and despite a fall off in donation levels, there has been a upswing in volunteer hours. This article points out the fund raising facts and warns non-profits not to rely on just direct mail to keep donations flowing. It points out uses of social networking as well.

Fewer Americans opening wallets: Now what? | South Florida Business Journal.

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In our business we find that human dialogue is still a very effective way to engage the donor in times like this. Non-profits can use a phone call to:

  • Thank the donor and remind them how important their continued support is.
  • Add persuasion to a direct mail piece.
  • Overcome hesitancy and objections.
  • Relate a touching story of human service more effectively than in print.

The great thing about our contact centers is they are filled with caring, big-hearted individuals, who just happen to have a gift for persuasion. If you are a non-profit looking to add an effective fund raising medium, contact us.

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