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The Stereotypes Aren't True.

Category: Careers
Posted by: Bryan Overcash on October 20, 2010

Amie Jefferies has been working at GCS only a short while, but she's learned quickly that GCS associates are not your typical telemarketer.

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"We aren't pushy like the stereotypes people have of telemarketers.  We're not over-the-top.  We don't get yelled at a much as you would think.  And it only takes one good call to make your whole day!"

Long time employee, Virginia Gibson says, "I enjoy talking to people all day.  Some pushy telemarketers exist, for sure,  but not here at GCS.  I'm not like that." She continues about what it's like to work at GCS, "It's just a home away from home.  There's good income, insurance and other benefits and I get to work with my friends.  I come to work to have a good time and to do a good job!"

Here at GCS we strive to meet goals for our clients, but we do so by communicating well with their customers, not by hassling them to buy products they don't need or giving mis-information. We simply give them the information they need to make an informed decision. We rely on our ability to have an honest dialog to persuade and inform.  We train associates to make professional presentations and display courtesy on the phone.  We hope this information will help inform your decision to apply to be an associate with GCS!

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