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GCS at the ABIA

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Posted by: Greg Alcorn on September 22, 2010

Once Again GCS is attending the American Bankers Associations ABIA Conference taking place in Phoenix, Arizona today, tomorrow and Friday.

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The ABIA Conference website provides a description: "Financial institutions and insurance service/product providers are recognizing insurance sales through the bank-distribution channel as a proven fee incomeproducing opportunity. This is the pre-eminent annual meeting of this segment of the financial services industry with the highest percentage of bank-affiliated Insurance executives in attendance.


ABIA's Annual Conference provides, the information and resources to assist those active in the bank-insurance industry. This dynamic Conference will address the critical issues and provide proven techniques for success in this market. You won't find any meeting that offers a wider range of topics relevant to the bank-insurance industry, or provides better answers to questions in this arena. "

Stop by Booth 411 on Thursday night, Meet the GCS team and take your changes in the ring!  With the GCS team on your side, you can't lose!

Stay tuned for introductions to the GCS teammates!

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