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Fresh Sets of Eyes: The Value of Organizational Development

By: Greg Alcorn on August 16th, 2010

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Fresh Sets of Eyes: The Value of Organizational Development

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Recently, we made some organizational changes at GCS. We moved some senior managers around and realigned some reporting structures to help streamline our business model. These moves are designed to provide a fresh set of eyes toward old processes to hopefully make them better.

Rarely in any type of organization, does everything stay the same and continue to grow. Times change and we need to change with the times.

Changing our organizational structure should increase speed, collaboration and efficiency. All these recent moves were made in our support departments, outside of our contact centers staff.

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The most important person in the organization is the Customer Service Representative. No changes were made to anyone in that group. Lines of reporting were changed in the departments of Insurance, Systems, Senior Operations and Client Services.

Over the next 90 days, we anticipate the emergence of new ideas and initiatives to
increase performance, production and client satisfaction. We are shifting ownership of several core initiatives during this transition and anticipate a fast pace implementation of process improvements.

We are committed to growing GCS to provide opportunities for any associate who wants them. By mixing up our organizational duties, we are giving new opportunities to several associates. That way, as we grow and need more skilled and talented associates in all departments, we will be prepared to make that happen. That's not organizational change, that's organizational development.

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