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GCS Named Top 50 Teleservices Agency

By: Greg Alcorn on July 2nd, 2010

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GCS Named Top 50 Teleservices Agency


Last year, GCS applied for recognition as one of the Top 50 teleservices agencies as awarded annually by Customer Inter@ction Solutions magazine.

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We received the exciting news this week that GCS was awarded with a Top 50 recognition for 2010!
This is the most comprehensive list of the teleservices agencies worldwide! GCS was ranked 28th on the list based on the volume of work we performed companywide during the preceding calendar year.

This award helps us in several ways:

“Recognition is important to potential clients because it helps validate our size and capabilities. For existing clients, the award reinforces their decision to work with us because it establishes us a leader in the industry. As employees, we can all feel proud of the award because each one of us plays a part in sustaining and growing the business,”

states George Simons, VP of Marketing.

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