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Complete Back Office Outsourcing

When you need help managing your back office operations, count on GCS.

We staff and manage voice and non-voice operations. We take the same process approach to back-office operations that we developed over years of running call centers.

- Observe the process.
- Document the process.
- Replicate the outcome to the clients satisfaction
- Scale the operation
- Lead continuous improvement

Let us staff and manage your back office needs with the same dedication and focus we use in the call center. We are experienced in coordinating efforts and driving results.


Efficient Workforce Management

When you choose GCS to manage your back office operations, you are choosing efficiency. We can manage your back-office workforce – and optimize it – so that you have the right amount of staff to complete the job you need on the shift when you need them. No more bottlenecks, no more idle lines. GCS uses practical tools and tactics to manage staff to demand.

Our Workforce Management team is experienced with forecasting, scheduling and real-time adjustments. We balance multi-shifts and part-time workforces to handle intraday fluctuations in demand. Cross-Training is almost universal with the workforce to add flexibility.



Measuring and Ongoing Improvement

We set up your operations to meet key performance metrics or service levels. Then we measure and quality monitor for results. Metrics are posted for all to see and goals are set by the hour and shift.

Our Continuous Improvement Process shares the information with you. We work with you to prioritize and establish improvement objectives that are measured and reported to your team on a regular basis so you can see where performance is headed.

The data we gather is also used to provide continual coaching to the staff. Our Supervisors use our exclusive F.E.E.D. program to ensure each employee receives helpful feedback every day in ways they can improve. We believe that ongoing training and daily coaching delivers measurable results. It stops problems before they start and it keeps employees motivated.


Adding Services. Reducing Cost

GCS wants to be a trusted partner. Once we have gained your trust, we encourage you to find other ways we can help. Many of our clients end up expanding our program. We work with them to find other ways our workforce selection, process approach, cross training and efficiency can support their core business. Sometimes we add back-office functions to the agent team. Or we begin handling additional call types. These steps help the client, help the customer and GCS.


Data Capture and Analysis

Because we care so much about quality, GCS monitors everything. We record all calls and screen activity. We capture multiple data points on call activity and outcome. We know when your customers contact us, why they phoned in, the resolution, and whether it was effective. We also track time of day, length of wait, length of call, and method of contact – and not just for performance statistics. While those matter in a big way, we know that data can also produce meaningful insights for you into the way your company works.


Quality Assurance

GCS doesn’t just measure calls and customer contacts. We also analyze the quality of those interactions to ensure that your customers are getting the best service possible, every time, on every channel. No exception, no excuse. Our QA team listens to a prescribed number of calls. We use voice analytics to screen agent performance. Supervisors are given coaching tips. Feedback is shared with the agent and retraining is done when required.

Reach your Goals with GCS Back Office Solutions

Help optimize your company’s operations with a simple call to GCS. We manage your back-office operations with efficiency and care. Let our experience work for you.