A link between canines and workplace productivity?

Written by Greg Alcorn on September 10, 2010

A study published in the Economist on August 12, suggests that workers would be more productive if they could bring their dogs to work.  See the whole article here:  Animal and human behaviour: Manager’s best friend | The Economist.

Just How Good ARE You? Obstacles Can Open the Door!

Written by Greg Alcorn on September 5, 2010

Did you ever find yourself in a pickle when someone walked into your office and told you that XYZ needs to be done by the end of the day? Who hasn’t, right? Most employees muddle through these situations adequately and no one is the wiser. But I challenge you! These types of obstacles open the

It’s a g.A.s.

Written by Greg Alcorn on September 4, 2010

The famous motivational speaker and writer, Zig Zigler, teaches the importance of attitude with an exercise called “G.A.S.” He’ll ask you to visualize your favorite teacher or manager and to write down ten or fifteen attributes of that person. For example, one of my favorite teachers was smart, encouraging, fair, energetic, listened carefully, was challenging

Dressing Like a Grown Up : Office Dress Codes

Written by Greg Alcorn on September 3, 2010
Contact Center staffing

The last couple of days GCS Employees have been seeing articles in the daily news about professional dress in the workplace, we’re even taking requests for the best and worst dressed employees to publish in the weekly newsletter. Perusing my feeds several days ago I came across Put This On, or more specifically I came

Fresh Sets of Eyes: The Value of Organizational Development

Written by Greg Alcorn on August 16, 2010

Recently, we made some organizational changes at GCS. We moved some senior managers around and realigned some reporting structures to help streamline our business model. These moves are designed to provide a fresh set of eyes toward old processes to hopefully make them better. Rarely in any type of organization, does everything stay the same

Reaching Out : Connecting to Constituents

Written by Greg Alcorn on August 11, 2010

We’re gearing up for mid-term elections here at GCS and I read an article in the most recent Campaigns & Elections magazine that highlighted (for me) the importance of reaching out to your constituents in more than one way. Craig Varoga, the Campaign Doc, suggests that you should have contact about six times through door-to-door

The Power of Partnership

Written by Greg Alcorn on August 3, 2010

Frank Camp, VP of Client Services tells us how GCS approaches client relations. At GCS we have built our business on, and are firm believers in, sustainable long-term partnership with our client. At the core of our business is a strong commitment to meeting your needs because we understand that objective is directly related to