The Value of a Smile and a Wave (over the phone)

Written by Greg Alcorn on January 23, 2014

  About five blocks from one of our client sites in New York City, on the corner of 28th St and 39th Ave, there is an elementary school.  Every school morning, a crossing guard positions herself on that corner to provide traffic control and safe passage for the students. Her duty is one that is

Marketing to bank customers has gone from sky high to ground zero…

Written by Greg Alcorn on November 7, 2012

Our clients need a hug. That’s the feeling I got at the conference in Phoenix this week. The ABIA is the industry association for insurance carriers that market through banks. Over the last two years, marketing to bank customers has gone from sky high to ground zero with almost all marketing being suspended. So, with

Global eConnect

Written by Greg Alcorn on November 6, 2012

You cannot do it all. In almost every client presentation we are asked to provide a service that is NOT our core competency. GCS provides outsourced teleservices for customer sales, service and support (CSSS). Oftentimes there are fringe services that bolt on to CSSS and it makes sense to subcontract those activities through us. In

Expressed Interest

Written by Greg Alcorn on October 31, 2012

We’re told by our clients that we communicate better and more than anyone else in the industry. That’s a nice compliment and hopefully it results in longer, more fruitful relationships. Our clients like the GCS Express and really like our documentation of process, results, action items and compliance. We try to stay current with our

Sales Update & Strategy

Written by Greg Alcorn on October 26, 2012
customer service in contact centers

Sales is the oldest profession in the world. I guess that makes marketing the oldest process. Nothing starts ‘til you sell something and nothing gets sold unless it can be explained, branded and promoted. Our sales and marketing people are working hard to reach the right prospects with the right message about GCS. Over the

Collaboration at GCS

Written by Greg Alcorn on October 25, 2012

I heard a college professor say the three things you need to have coming out of college are: Good writing skills Strong speaking skills An ability to work in groups Those are the same three traits that apply to working at GCS. There is both an art and a science to working in groups. You

The Power of Partnership

Written by Greg Alcorn on October 22, 2012

At GCS we have built our business on, and are firm believers in, sustainable long-term partnership with our client. At the core of our business is a strong commitment to meeting your needs because we understand that objective is directly related to our success as a business. Many terms are used to describe companies providing

The Ebb and Flow of Workload

Written by Greg Alcorn on August 18, 2012

I like August for 134 reasons. Not because it feels like 134 degrees in Yuma, but because we hired 134 associates in the first week of August. Business is growing again and we can help our clients and help our communities by being  able to provide good, steady employment. The challenge in our industry is to be able to

How to Decide What to Outsource. If anything.

Written by Greg Alcorn on July 16, 2012
contact center KPIs

Are you having trouble deciding what your company should outsource?  Here’s one really quick way to decide. Decide What Functions Your Company Should Outsource 10 minutes will help you decide what business functions to outsource.  Make a list of your business functions. Reorder your list of business functions in order of “Most Critical“.  (i.e. Item number 1

Safety Management

Written by Greg Alcorn on July 10, 2012
contact center consultants

I always look for a reason to pass along principles from Dr. Jerry Bell. In his book, The Achievers, he outlines the traits of being a good person. Not just a good leader, but a good person. One of his chapters talks about the Five Horsemen of Death. It’s a pretty morbid name for five categories