Changes in the Call Center Industry and the Breadth of Available Services

Written by Frank Camp on June 7, 2011
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My name is Joe Meehan and I have been in the call center business for over 20 years.  I started in the contact center business when contacting consumers was all about making a sale or taking an order.  So much has changed in the last 20 years.   Push button phones have been replaced by sophisticated

Engaging Customers

Written by Frank Camp on March 23, 2011

  According to Michael LeBoeuf, Ph.D., author of  How to Win Customers and Keep them for Life, 68% of customers are lost due to indifference. Indifferent customers are a result of pure neglect. He goes on to say the that the biggest secret in business is that success is not determined by dollars, facts or

Building Rapport!

Written by Frank Camp on March 9, 2011

While walking the floor with the managers as the process was taking place, one idea kept coming to mind – how great it was to see the relationships and rapport that was growing each day between supervisors and agents. I found an article that talks about rapport and how it relates to the coaching process. Although it deals with coaching in a law firm, many of the principles certainly apply to our industry as well.

6 Tips on Leading an Effective & Efficient Conference Call

Written by Frank Camp on February 15, 2011

Let’s face it, conference calls are even more of a necessity in many industries today.  When managed properly, they are an effective means of communication and a valuable business tool because they decrease travel costs and increase the speed of decisions. Below are some of the key tips I have found effective to use when

Planes, Trains, Automobiles, a Misplaced Laptop and Team Support

Written by Frank Camp on January 13, 2011
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I found myself challenged with the topic for the blog given everything I experienced last week. Even with the typical trials of traveling, from cancelled flights, locked keys in rental car and treacherous driving conditions,( not to mention my laptop taking a roundtrip vacation to NJ for the weekend,) I landed on what I feel

Spreading Culture & Consistency Across Centers

Written by Frank Camp on December 21, 2010
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How do we ensure that we have consistency in culture, processes, procedures and daily tasks across a number of locations in different states and areas of the country? This is a question that comes up in some fashion on a daily basis. It must be attacked with a plan in mind if you want to


Written by Frank Camp on December 16, 2010

  Has it really been 9 years? Let me start by saying something that I have not said nearly enough over the years –  Thank You.  GCS would not be the company we are today if it were not for the leap of faith taken by a group of dedicated people nine years ago.  I’ll

The Virtues of Being Optimistic

Written by Frank Camp on December 14, 2010
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In the contact center environment, being optimistic is a significant benefit. Because of the many people our agents come in contact with, having a predisposition to believe you can solve each customer’s concern or provide a relevant product or solution is important. We use various methods to identify potential agents with this aptitude.

What do I do at GCS?

Written by Frank Camp on December 7, 2010

Frank is responsible for overseeing all the company’s client services activities, including client application development and scheduling. He brings more than 20 years of teleservices experience to GCS. Prior to joining GCS, Frank held VP of client services positions in two of the nation’s largest customer care and teleservices agencies. That’s what our website says

A GCS Client Services Director calls the plays…

Written by Frank Camp on November 23, 2010

Many people ask me what my role as a Client Service Director is responsible for and I liken it to being a quarter back on a football team, we set up the game, call the plays and control the field.   Client Service Directors here at GCS serve as the liaison between our Clients and our