National College Colors Day is August 31, 2012

Written by Laura Jollay on August 28, 2012

Show Your Spirit! Over the years, our sites have shown a loyal, and deep-rooted passion for their beloved college sports teams and many folks at GCS have participated in National College Colors Day. Well, it’s that time of year once again! This year, National College Colors Day is Friday, August 31st. Mark your calendars, folks! This is your

Mind Your Pace & Diction

Written by Frank Camp on August 27, 2012

Some things in this business you can’t control, like a customer having a bad day or the weather causing a power outage. But there are many things we can control, or at least influence, including our clients’ evaluation of our performance. At GCS, we strive to be the best in everything we do. And part

The Ebb and Flow of Workload

Written by Greg Alcorn on August 18, 2012

I like August for 134 reasons. Not because it feels like 134 degrees in Yuma, but because we hired 134 associates in the first week of August. Business is growing again and we can help our clients and help our communities by being  able to provide good, steady employment. The challenge in our industry is to be able to

Be a Resource for Others

Written by Bucky Cline on August 16, 2012

It can be scary and stressful starting any new position, especially if you’re also new to the contact center industry. And although we have excellent training programs to arm our folks with the tools they need to be successful with customer interactions, there’s still a learning curve. To help our newest team members be the best they can

Outsourcing Tips for Everyone

Written by Bryan Overcash on August 9, 2012

When you think of outsourcing, you probably conjure up images of corporations, contact centers and business people. But the truth is, everyone outsources tasks, every day. Have you ever hired a babysitter? Have you ever offered to bake a cake for someone? Did you mow someone’s yard or blow leaves in the fall? Believe it

Increase the Level Of Business in Your Daily Routine

Written by Bucky Cline on August 7, 2012

In our last employee survey we asked for ideas from our employees about how they increase our level of business performance in their daily routines.  We got some great tips! Here they are: Make every call count, make calls presentable and always assume the sale. Be consistent, be at work when scheduled and keep idle/wrap

Get Right to the Source

Written by George Simons on August 5, 2012

If you search the term “right-sourcing” in Google, you get nearly 46 million results. Margaret Rouse from helps define right-sourcing as “a way to get the best results by using specialists to complete parts of a larger project.” It reminds me of the Express. Our objective for this publication is to provide employees with useful and interesting

Outsourcing, Insourcing, Off-Shoring and More

Written by George Simons on August 3, 2012
call center outsourcing services

The term “outsourcing” has become a scapegoat this political season. But beyond the political hype, it is important to understand the long term benefits of outsourcing. Just about every company outsources. From trash collection, to cleaning crews, to entire contact centers, no one does it all. In fact, outsourcing helps most companies remain competitive and