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Posted by: Greg Alcorn on July 10, 2012
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achieversI always look for a reason to pass along principles from Dr. Jerry Bell. In his book, The Achievers, he outlines the traits of being a good person. Not just a good leader, but a good person. One of his chapters talks about the Five Horsemen of Death. It’s a pretty morbid name for five categories of managing your life but it certainly sends the right message. Do them right and your chances of living longer are better. Do them wrong and your chances are reduced.

They are:

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • Stress
  • Safety

Dr. Bell goes into detail on each one and they all seemed self-explanatory until I got to Safety Management. That one was eye opening to me. Do you know someone who has fallen off a ladder? Had a skateboard accident? Tripped on a curb while texting? If you avoid unnecessary risk, you’ll live longer. I have now created a phobia for roofs.

Summertime gets us outside doing seasonal recreational activities that require safety management. The year’s longest daylight was a few weeks ago and we can enjoy the sunshine for both fun and getting some of the outside chores done.

At GCS, we want to be safe and professional all year round.

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Even though temperatures can be hot outside, we regulate the office temperatures as best we can so everyone is comfortable. We strive to have the right indoor climate so professional attire is the norm. Client visits occur every month, so we want to be ready. In fact, we had a prospect visit in Lancaster just this week. Hope they become a client!

I hope you all are striving to manage the five horsemen and be safe this summer.

Oh, do you know someone willing to clean out the gutters at my house? I’m not getting up there!


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