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Posted by: George Simons on June 30, 2012
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Most of you see our Daily News in paper form. Others receive it electronically if they have access to email.

In the past, I’ve been manually distributing the Daily News as a simple email attachment, managing as many as four different distribution lists for the publication.

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All that has now changed.

Thanks to the Marketing Department, the Daily News is getting distributed in a new, high-tech way. is an online dashboard that allows users to create “campaigns” and email items to a specific list of email addresses.  This way, the Daily News can be uploaded and scheduled and then the MailChimp software does all the work. No longer does it require someone physically creating email messages and managing distribution lists. Furthermore, it allows the Marketing Department to better monitor how the Daily News is being used and look for ways to improve it. It also allows for easy additions to the distribution list which means we can add virtually anyone at GCS onto our list.

The team first started using the software this week and so far, the response has been great. In fact, we’ve picked up a few new subscribers already!

In a few weeks, we will launching a new campaign to offer the Daily News to all employees via their personal email. We hope to make it more interactive and easier to solicit feedback on articles and for contests. It will also include the ability to manage other company subscriptions, including special announcements. More information will be at the sites in a couple of weeks.

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