The American Teleservices Association Gets a New Name [ATA Becomes PACE]

Written by Bob Dunmire on May 23, 2012
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The American Teleservices Association, is a non-profit trade organization dedicated exclusively to helping with the advancement of companies who utilize contact centers as an integral channel of operations. Recently they have adopted a new name, more reflective of the service its members provide. The organization will now be known as the Professional Association for Customer Engagement or PACE.  This

Tips for Good Communication in the Office

Written by Bryan Overcash on May 21, 2012

In another article, Roger Akers discusses the importance of communication at GCS. Sure, we communicate with our customers but communicating internally is vitally important to our success, as well. That is why we have our newsletters, our chat program for managers and floor meetings. It is the essential workplace skill. Communication can always be improved. No one organization

The Importance of Collaboration Between Departments

Written by Greg Alcorn on May 21, 2012
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I’m worried about the next generation of managers. Of course, that’s what my parents said thirty years ago. Thirty years ago, leadership programs and management principles were centered around case studies and round table discussions. Today, we Google it. Our contact centers are hours, time zones and oceans apart from one another. Yet, we expect to have

Leadership by Listening; Leadership & Management

Written by Frank Camp on May 21, 2012

When you see someone visiting your site, it is human nature to question their motive: are they a client or prospect? are they an auditor? is something important happening? Our clients use site visits to check up on their programs, but our management team takes advantage of site visits to not only check up on

You Are Who You Are!

Written by Greg Alcorn on May 15, 2012
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Our VP of Organizational Development, Bucky Cline, walked into my office a few minutes ago because we had to collaborate on a meeting I’ll be ‘tech-support’ for tomorrow afternoon. I apologized while I fumbled with a mountain of papers on my desk, trying to move them out of the way so Bucky & I could