Notes on Innovation [Business Skills with Bucky]

Written by Bucky Cline on January 6, 2012

Final Skills meeting of 2011 Next call will be in January. 2001 has been an unusual year for GCS and while it has presented us with an unusual business climate i. the long term impact will create a stronger and more diversified company. the last call we had was on core competency training for management

The 3 Biggest Mistakes in Membership Marketing

Written by Frank Camp on January 6, 2012

Are you in charge of fundraising for your non-profit organization?  Do you have a comprehensive outreach marketing plan in place or are you looking to start such a program.  Before you do so, read about the 3 Biggest Mistakes made in Membership Marketing. Not being relevant ~ What’s one of the worst things about marketing?

The Most Difficult Job at a Contact Center

Written by Greg Alcorn on January 5, 2012

I read a couple of articles this morning that got me to thinking about the nature of the Customer Management Representative position.  I’m going to suggest that the CMR has one of the most difficult positions at the interaction center. The two articles I read this morning re-enforce my position. First, CMR’s on outreach campaigns