Facing Adversity Head On

Written by Bryan Overcash on September 23, 2011

At GCS, we’ve had our share of adversity this year. We’ve all felt it. But, what’s interesting is how we’ve all responded. There are many different responses to adversity. Unfortunately, most of them are negative: Denial—pretending nothing happened Anger—blaming others for what happened Giving Up—running from the problem, usually by quitting Depression—feeling sorry for oneself But,

Real Leadership, the New Middle East and the 2012 Election

Written by Holly Czuba on September 16, 2011

Today I’m going to start a new blog feature!  Our communications director, Laura Jollay, does a fabulous job each week creating a company newsletter (the GCS Express).  This newsletter features articles about goings-on within our centers, industry news and sometimes articles written by our employees.  Today I’d like to share with you an employees’ thoughts

Even Google Understands the Value of Dialog with Your Customers

Written by George Simons on September 12, 2011
call center agents

I recently read an article about Google and their roll out of contact center support of their AdWords service. The article is a reminder of how important solid customer service is and how, when done right, the experience can transform a perceived cost center into a real revenue opportunity. Previously Google used email and an

Remembering September 11, 2001

Written by Greg Alcorn on September 11, 2011
contact center innovations

The following is from this weeks GCS Express… It’s one of those days in American history that will forever be ingrained in our minds. It’s almost inconceivable to imagine it was ten years ago. Just like when man first walked on the moon or when President John F. Kennedy was assassinted, Americans remember where they were that day. We asked our Salisbury team if they