Thoughts on Ten

Written by George Simons on July 29, 2011
contact center consultants

Some of our employees speak about what it has meant to them to work for GCS for nearly 10 years! Tina Eskins, HR Director “To me the most special thing about this company is the many opportunities I have been given over the past 10 years. I have had the opportunity to meet and work with

GCS is Ten! (A Brief History)

Written by Bryan Overcash on July 28, 2011

What were you doing 10 years ago this week? Some folks were working, while others were in college, high school or maybe even grade school. A select few of us were witnessing the creation of GCS. On July 30th, 2001, GCS legally organized. It would be December before we began making calls, but things were beginning to move. The

Improving Corporate Communications (Tips to Implement at Your Contact Center)

Written by Greg Alcorn on July 13, 2011
contact center outsourcing

What’s that saying –“Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Who even has an hour these days? Let’s face it: a lot goes on at a contact center. You have shift changes, shift meetings, new hires, training, calls, coaching, breaks -the list goes on. With all that activity, effective communication is necessary to keep all associates on the same page. A small breakdown in communication could lead to potentially disastrous missteps. Effective communication can mean minimal mistakes, easier transitions, smooth workflow and happier associates. What do happier associates mean for your site? That’s right- better performance!

The Outsourcing Institute’s Roadshow (Innovations in Outsourcing & Surprising Challenges Being Faced)

Written by Greg Alcorn on July 6, 2011
contact center consultants

Recently I attended my first outsourcing road show which was designed for buyers and providers of Outsourcing Services to openly discuss current challenges. Although a percentage of the road show was focused on unique challenges to the IT/application development space, most topics were very applicable to contact center outsourcing as well. This full-day event was

9 Tips for Choosing a Winning Event (Get the Most out of your Marketing Dollar by Attending the Right Conferences!)

Written by Frank Camp on July 5, 2011

It’s never too early to get psyched for the upcoming political season, even in a non Presidential election year. June 16-18 I attended the Campaigns and Elections “Art of the Political Campaigning” conference in Washington, DC. This three day session had a good cross section of Political Strategists, Candidates, Campaign Managers and Support Organizations from